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Name:Garnet til Alexandros XVII
Birthdate:Jan 15

Character: Garnet til Alexandros XVII (A.K.A Dagger)
Series: Final Fantasy IX
Version: Post Game, basically right before Zidane returns
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Dagger is short and slender, with long dark brown hair and large, dark brown eyes set in a heart shaped face. Due to the graphic design of Final Fantasy IX, her limbs and body are a bit disproportionate looking, but I do not expect this is how she’d look to people in the game, given that Zidane looks mostly normal (albeit short) with Dissidia graphics. Dagger is shorter than Zidane, which I would guess puts her at about 5’ 1”.

She has a graceful appearance, and is considered very beautiful. Her hair is dark and glossy, she has pale and unflawed skin, and rosy cheeks and lips. Even though she cuts her hair short during the game, I am taking her from a point where she grew her hair back out, meaning it is worn in a very low ponytail with a clip at the bottom. As a queen, she is often caught wearing a long white, strapless gown with green vine accents and white arm covers that end at her wrists. She has a silver and green tiara, and wears a large crystal pendant around her neck that is the symbol of her country. In her street clothes, she wears a white, puffy sleeved blouse, red gloves, boots, and a rather tight fitting yellow/orange jump suit.

Personality: Garnet’s personality can’t be summed up easily by any stretch of the imagination. She grows a lot throughout the course of the game, and definitely becomes a much stronger woman.

When we first meet Garnet, it is apparent that she’s very intelligent, regal, and loyal to her country, but she also tends to be very naïve and not really understand how people and the world around her can tend to act. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t try to learn though; Garnet isn’t the typical stuck up and snotty princess we see in other stories. She’s very interested in people and quite willing to take advice and learn from those who understand the situation better than her. For example, she knows her name and way of speaking are going to make her stick out in regular little towns and villages, so she adopts the name Dagger, after Zidane’s weapon, and asks him to teach her how to speak like a regular peasant.

Garnet is very responsible and takes her role as princess, and pretty much everything she does, very seriously. She loves her kingdom and in a lot of ways feels unworthy of being queen one day. She wants to be a strong leader. After Queen Brahne takes her eidolons, Garnet feels useless. Even though she admits that she was always scared of her summoning power, when she sees how her mother is using her summons to destroy other kingdoms, Garnet resolves herself to getting her eidolons back. It takes a while, as she has to learn them slowly from jewels, but Garnet is a patient girl. The problem is, she tends to try and deal with things on her own, she doesn’t realize how her friends want to help her and take care of her. Instead, she keeps things on the inside and hopes to not worry people, and in a lot of ways this is a huge weakness.

Life isn’t always kind to Garnet, she witnesses a lot of tragedies within a short span of time. She loses her mother not too long into the story, and even though she finally returns to her home of Alexandria, soon after her coronation Kuja comes in and wreaks havoc, destroying a good chunk of the kingdom. Despite Garnet and Eiko summoning Alexander to defend the city, it doesn’t do much good in the end. As a result of all these things, Garnet loses her voice, a mental response to the exhaustion and sadness. It takes her a long time to realize that she doesn’t have to deal with her pain on her own, and when she finally does, Garnet finally regains her voice. She goes through many challenges with the help of her friends, and they show her that they are by her side. Even when she can’t concentrate fully in battle and fails to summon or heal, no one leaves her behind. She later makes a vow to save everyone and cuts her hair to show that she’s going to be a stronger individual.

Despite some more helpless moments, like passing out after seeing the Invincible in Bran Bal, Garnet has now become a much stronger woman. When Zidane is questioning his existence and all the things that Garland tells him about his birth, Garnet is the one who really wakes him up in the end. She tells him to stop being selfish and understand that his friends want to be there for him. One of the reasons she’s able to tell him this is because she once did the very same thing. She also, at this point, has developed feelings for Zidane and wishes to help him as much as possible.

As the game draws to a close, Garnet knows the reconstruction of her home is going well, she has her power of summoning back, and that she has loving people in her life to back her up. She goes into the last battle with strength and grace much befitting a queen. Even though Zidane leaves the group after the final fight to go and look for Kuja, Garnet lets him go, despite how much it hurts to watch him leave.

Garnet really goes from a simple princess to a much more well rounded human. She starts off only thinking of her duty to her kingdom and her mother, letting Tantalus kidnap her because she wants to save Alexandria. While her love for her country, her people, and her title remain, she really also learns to love herself and the things about her. She finds out about her summoner’s heritage, and learns to accept that part of herself. She learns to accept friends, as well as the assistance of others. Where once she used to read about romance and adventure in “I Want to be Your Canaray”, now she actually gets to experience the world and fall in love for herself (though for a long time she vehemently denies it. I think in a lot of ways she still is uncomfortable with showing true affection for Zidane). Her formal way of carrying herself never really goes away, as she has to be regal in front of her people, but she can let herself be much more free when it’s just her and her friends, something she never would have done at the start of her journey.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Dagger is an adept summoner and white mage, with very strong offensive Eidolons and good status boosting magic. She learns spells such as shell, protect, holy, berserk, and float, plus many others. Her eidolons consist of ones like Ramuh, Ifrit, and Shiva. Her weapons of choice are rods and racquets, so she often doesn’t rack up too much physical damage, considering the low attack power and the fact that she usually fights from the back row.

Garnet is very smart, there is no denying that. She has a lot of book smarts and is a clever and quick thinking young woman. When Steiner and her need to cross the border without being detected, it’s her idea to hide in a bag that smells like Geysehl pickles, a food that just smells terrible. While she is naïve in the beginning, and sometimes a little too innocent for her own good, she learns about things quickly. She is able to adopt a less formal way of speaking with some amount of ease, and even when her eidolons are taken from her, she gets them back over the course of her journey.

As a queen, Garnet can’t afford to not think things through and have a good head on her shoulders. She’s a fairly good strategist and is also good with diplomatic relations and keeping peaceful conversations going between different countries. She loves to read and likes to curl up with a good book before bed.

Garnet’s emotional strength comes from her friends and loved ones. Even though she has a lot of ups and downs during the game, and can crash when things get really rough, on most days Garnet is calm, level headed, and very kind. She’s good with people, very gentle and also a good listener.

Under normal circumstances, she can keep her emotions in check when it comes time to lead people. She’s not a robot, though, and her love and compassion for her subjects clearly shines through even at her most queenly of times.

Weaknesses: Physical: She’s a classic white mage/summoner character. Garnet doesn’t take physical damage well, and tends to go down easily if hit more than a few times. Her weapon often serves as a channeling tool more often than an actual “I’m gonna beat you with this” sort of thing. She puts up a good fight against magical attacks, but even then she’s not the best. Normally Garnet should be kept in the back and defended while she heals or summons, since her ability to handle attacks is not so great.

Mental: Garnet doesn’t have too many mental weaknesses once you take her from far enough in her journey. She’s seen the good and bad of the world, so her naiveté has worn down some, even though she probably doesn’t understand everything. She’s figured out how to function in the normal world to some degree along with how to function as royalty.

Mostly, her mental weakness comes down to the fact that she’s still very young, Garnet is only a teenager. She still has a lot of growing up to do despite how regally she holds herself.

One thing Garnet hates is to make people worry. Even later on in the game she often holds things inside and regrets it if she makes her friends upset in any way. She tends to apologize when people worry over her, and she hates being seen as weak. She expects a lot out of herself, even though sometimes she can’t keep up. She’ll end up exhausting herself before she gives up; she’s very stubborn at times.

When it comes down to someone she loves, Garnet’s usual composure seems to fly out the window. At the end of the game, when Zidane finally returns to Alexandria, she drops her crown and Alexandria’s pendant, but instead of picking them up, chooses to keep running to him. Underneath the Queen is a young woman who simply wants to be herself. Her connection to her loved ones is a great strength, but also a weakness for people who want to get to her.

History: Dagger’s game history is long, as the game spans four discs. As such, I’ll try and focus on her role in the game and how she develops rather than giving you an FF9 walkthrough.

To begin, Garnet is the only princess of a grand kingdom called Alexandria. Growing up, she had loving parents and was quite happy. However, around the time she turned 15 her father became ill and passed away soon after. Her mother was completely distraught, and drew in on herself, becoming resentful and angry after her husband’s passing. It wasn’t too long after this that a man with white hair showed up in the kingdom, and began to gain influence over Garnet’s mother. Afraid for her kingdom’s safety and the safety of surrounding areas, Garnet planned to leave the castle on a theatre ship that was to be performing on the evening of her 16th birthday.

Little did she know that the theatre ship was actually the strong hold of a group of thieves known as Tantalus. They were on a mission themselves, to kidnap the princess for reasons yet unknown. Zidane, one of the members of the group, meets Garnet as she is attempting to flee from the castle, and the two cause quite a ruckus during the fake performance of “I Want to be Your Canary” as everyone attempts to escape. Queen Brahne realizes her daughter is running away and fires on the theatre ship, even with the knowledge that her child is aboard. Badly damaged, the ship sinks into Evil Forest, and Garnet is thrown from the vessel.

She is kidnapped by monsters at this point, but is soon rescued by Zidane, Vivi, and the ever loyal knight Steiner. Zidane has by this point decided to leave Tantalus in order to help Garnet, and the little band of four set off on their way to Lindblum. This was where Garnet was planning to head in the first place. Along the way, they go through an ice cavern where everyone but Zidane falls asleep due to the cold, and as they are leaving and spot a nearby village, Garnet adopts the nickname “Dagger” in order to not be noticed as a princess. As they venture to Dali, Dagger now attempts to speak more like a peasant and blend in so the villagers don’t get suspicious. The group happens upon some rather odd things in Dali, the production of black mages, and now we have some insight into the goings on in Dagger’s home of Alexandria. Sinister things are afoot.

Steiner tricks the group into boarding an airship heading back to Alexandria in an attempt to bring Dagger home, but they are soon attacked by another Black Waltz (They met the first one in the Ice Caves) and Zidane tells Dagger to turn the ship in whatever direction SHE wants to go as the men run off to do battle. Sticking to her initial guns, Dagger chooses to head to Lindblum.

After meeting with her uncle Cid and explaining her concerns about her mother, Dagger is now left to her own devices and goes to the rooftop to get some air and sing a little bit. She is interrupted by Zidane, who manages to annoy her greatly, and she asks him how his group initially planned to kidnap her. He tells her about sleeping weed they planned to put in her tea, and she asks him for some because she’s been having trouble sleeping. Because Cid did not agree to take any action against her mother and she does not want to sit around doing nothing in Lindblum, Dagger slips her new friends sleeping weed in the banquet after the Festival of the Hunt, and she starts to head home to speak with her mother, accompanied by Steiner. Mostly Dagger went off on her own because she feels she has to take care of her mother and her country’s problems on her own.

She manages to make it home using her own wits and with a bit of assistance from Steiner and some of the Tantalus members she meets along the way. Finally returning home, her mother betrays her and has Kuja (The white haired man that Dagger never trusted) extract Dagger’s Eidolons. Essentially, these are her summons… as Dagger is not the real daughter of Queen Brahne, she is actually adopted. Dagger had had nightmares before about a huge raging storm and being caught in a tiny boat at sea, but she was never completely sure what it meant. She is also unsure of where the lullaby she sings “Melodies of Life” initially came from.

Zidane, Vivi, and company eventually come to save her, and even though they escape, her mother’s behavior really bothers and affects Dagger’s attitude from here on. She is also now struggling with the loss of her summons, when these things used to bother and scare her when she originally had them. The group finds themselves in Pinnacle rocks, where Dagger undergoes a small trial from Ramuh in order to earn one Eidolon back. Despite being scared before, Dagger now decides that she wants the power of her Eidolons, because they will allow her to DO something about her mother.

Unfortunately, as she gains Ramuh’s power, Zidane, Vivi, and Dagger happen upon Lindblum again. They arrive just in time to watch Brahne use one of Dagger’s summons to completely decimate Lindblum. Devastated, Dagger watches completely helpless as her uncle’s home is destroyed. Thankfully the town isn’t obliterated, and Regent Cid is alive. He gives the party instructions to venture off to the Outer Continent and see what they can find there. Taking a long passage underground, they eventually arrive on the virtually unexplored continent and head for Conde Petie. In order to keep going with their journey, Zidane and Dagger take part in a mock wedding ceremony, and they are allowed to pass onto Madain Sari. This place is very important, as it’s where the party meets Eiko, and Dagger also discovers her birthright as a summoner. She is able to come to terms with another piece of herself here.

A huge battle at the Iifa tree occurs next, during which Queen Brahne is killed by Kuja. Even though she is in grief over her mother’s death, Dagger now has to assume the throne of Alexandria and leave her companions to return home. Her coronation is not without problems though, as Kuja comes back and attacks Alexandria. Caught in the middle of her home being destroyed, she is only saved when Eiko shows up and the two are able to summon Alexander, the Eidolon for which the kingdom is named. Unfortunately, even the angelic defender is defeated by the Invincible ship, and Zidane swoops in to save the day just as Dagger is about to fall to her death. Yay!

Her kingdom in ruins, Dagger now is under a ton of emotional stress. Due to the strain, she loses her ability to speak and concentrate in battle. She continues to travel with Zidane, and the ever growing group of heroes, but she remains virtually mute until sometime after the group goes to Kuja’s castle. Once they escape, Dagger returns home to check on the reconstruction of Alexandria. She is rejuvenated by the sight, and gains back a lot of the confidence she had all but lost before. When Zidane comes to find her, she asks for his knife. Her voice has finally returned, along with fierce determination to keep going and keep fighting. She cuts her hair at this point, which is symbolic of her character maturing as a person.

The game from here takes many twists and turns, a lot having to do with stopping Kuja, traveling to Terra, meeting Garland, and several other missions. Throughout them, Dagger continues to learn and grow, gaining experience as a normal human and learning what it means to gain strength from friendship. She regains more of her past by traveling to Madain Sari again and learning her birth name was Sarah, as well as seeing the Invincible on Terra. She remembers the ship destroying her birth home, only giving her more reasons to dislike Kuja, Garland, and the land of Terra. Because of her growth, she is able to turn around and help Zidane when he spirals into depression after learning about his birth and purpose. By this point it is apparent she has also gained feelings for the thief, but is far too shy and unsure of her emotions to actually express that.

When Terra is destroyed and Kuja goes crazy, Dagger goes with her friends to stop him from destroying Gaia as well in his quest to take everything down. She has much at stake, and is not willing to let anything happen to her planet. After defeating Kuja and Necron, Dagger must say good bye to her love as Zidane stays behind in the dying Iifa tree to find his brother. Saddened, but not broken, Dagger returns home to her kingdom.

She waits a year for Zidane to return to her. On the day of her 17th birthday, Tantalus comes to give another performance of “I Want to be Your Canary.” During this show, Zidane reveals himself to be alive, and Dagger rushes to him, throwing off her crown and abandoning her necklace in the process. As important as her country and status as queen are, Zidane is just about everything to Dagger by this point. Jumping into Zidane’s arms, the game ends with the couple embracing.

[[This is an RP journal for [info]wildsaber. Garnet/Dagger is not mine, she's a character from Final Fantasy 9 and property of Square Enix.]]


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