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Garnet til Alexandros XVII ([personal profile] jewelsummoning) wrote2011-07-14 09:46 pm

[Fail!Private to Zidane // Voice]

Zidane! Kuja....

Kuja is in the city. What should we do?

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Ah. Was that not something meant for my eyes? Really, you should acquaint yourself a little better with this technology if that's the case, princess. Tsk.

/hijacks everywhere errr

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Kuja. [seriously you're asking to be pummeled over the head just stop talking]
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You could improve on your delivery.

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Is the thespian thief actually attempting to give me a lesson in how to carry oneself? Honestly, wonders never cease.

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What can I say? I know how to steal a crowd.

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I will remember that for next time.

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Of course, I would be more than happy to provide you with some lessons should you require it~

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A shame. Don't hesitate to call upon me should you require assistance, then. I'm never too far away.