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Garnet til Alexandros XVII ([personal profile] jewelsummoning) wrote2011-07-14 09:46 pm

[Fail!Private to Zidane // Voice]

Zidane! Kuja....

Kuja is in the city. What should we do?

[voice] 1/3

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[ hell]

[voice] 2/3

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Uh -

[voice] 3/3

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...Y-Yeah. About that... [AWKWARD PAUSE.]


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If you think of something, are you going to hide that from me too?


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I wasn't - [dammit] I thought that maybe -


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[deep breath] Okay I should've told you.


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Yes. You should have.

Perhaps I would have been more prepared when he showed up in the hotel lobby then.

[voice] *growls at lack of notifs*

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Guess I thought the longer you didn't know the happier you'd be. [b-best intentions?]

[voice] *Kicks them*

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I know.... I know you thought you were doing the right thing.

I'm sorry for snapping at you.


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I deserved it.